Why do i need a mobile website
Why Mobile? It’s Essential…
The way consumers search for business’s has changed dramatically over the last 20 years from yellow pages through to the internet via laptops and PC’s to now where mobile has become THE most used mechanism consumers use to look and search for local business’s.
A mobile website is also vital for your business as they:
  • Load 4-5 times faster than a desktop version on your phone. 
  • They can easily be read on a small screen making it easier for users to find vital information about your business. 
  • They can include clear ” Call to Actions” including Call, Locate, What’s On, Specials, Buy Now and many more
The Changes to Google Search !!! 
In April 2015 Google changed its Algorithms for mobile search, meaning that websites deemed by Google to NOT be “Mobile Friendly” will be Penalised in Google searches when that business
Is being searched on a mobile device

It also means that websites that have had high Rankings in search results will LOSE that position If those businesses are NOT optimized for mobile.

Why do i need a mobile website
Put SIMPLY. You MUST Be Mobile !!!!
There are now over 14.5 million smartphones in Australia and time spent using mobile devices is growing 14 times faster than time accessing the internet on the desktop. Over 25% of ALL web traffic is from mobile devices, and growing exponentially….mobile is the future!!!
  • 90% of users have looked for local information. 
  • 86% of those have take action (70% take action that day!) 
  • 56% of users look for local information at LEAST once a week 
  • 65% of users access the internet EVERY day 
  • 70% of consumers use their mobile device to enhance the shopping experience to either search, compare, or purchase products and services.

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